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Esafuni Lysigrams: An Overview of Their Design

Lysimachiakis (alias) is a bilingual educator in Boston who specializes in working with and supporting Boston’s immigrant communities. Their interest in languages and linguistics started early in their childhood, learning Spanish and Japanese, and conlanging for roughly twenty years. They are a moderator of the /r/conlangs subreddit and the founder of Segments, A Journal of Constructed Languages, a community-driven quarterly publication of conlang-related articles. Outside of conlanging, they enjoy reading Japanese literature, playing video games, watching everything Star Wars, tending to their garden, and spending time with friends and family.


An attempt to step away from traditional styles of script-making, Lysigrams are a colorful, fun, and cute set of cartoonish logograms. This article seeks to showcase the design philosophy behind their creation and explore how they are composed and used.

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