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Fiat Lingua is an online archive of conlang articles. It’s intended to be a venue to host lengthier, journal-style articles written by members of the conlang community. All articles will be immediately available for download for free as .pdf files upon publication. On occasion, the LCS may collect the various articles that have been published at Fiat Lingua and produce a .pdf and print anthology, which would be available for purchase. Initially, though, publication of any article will be digital. All articles are subject to editing and review.

New articles will appear here on the first of every month. If you’re interested in submitting an article to Fiat Lingua—or interested in helping to edit submissions and prepare them for publication—please visit the submissions page.

Articles published here are published with permission, and the copyright for each article reverts to the author(s) upon publication (see CC license below). If you wish to cite an article on Fiat Lingua, please use the format shown below:

Last Name, First Name. YYYY. “Article Title.” FL-000000-00, Fiat Lingua, <http://fiatlingua.org/>. Web. DD Month YYYY.

The number following the article title is a unique, six digit hexadecimal number given to each article hosted by Fiat Lingua (following that number is a two digit hexadecimal version number).

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