Articles on Fiat Lingua are assigned to one or more of a number of categories. Those categories are listed and described below:

  • Analysis: Essays analyzing a particular conlang, or a particular linguistics phenomenon as it relates to conlanging.
  • Art: Any type of art featuring a conlang, be it prose, poetry, or visual art.
  • Conlang Descriptions: Detailed descriptions or full reference grammars of a specific conlang.
  • Essays: Prose meditations on conlanging or a particular conlang.
  • Experiments: May take any of a variety of forms, depending on the goals of the author. This may be anything from an actual linguistic experiment involving conlangs, to an experimental conlang.
  • Interviews: Transcriptions of interviews conducted with one or more conlangers.
  • Language: Fiat Lingua publishes articles in any language, so the language or languages used in each article are tagged. Please note that this only includes the language of narration. Thus, if there is a grammar of a given conlang with the narrated text written in English, it will be tagged as English Language, not as the conlang.
  • Literature: Works of literary significance (e.g. fiction or non-fiction artistic prose and poetry) written in or about a conlang.
  • Presentations/Demonstrations: Slides or write-ups of conference or convention presentations or similar events.
  • Reviews: Full reviews of either conlangs or books on or related to conlanging or language in general.
  • Updated: Articles that have been updated after their original publication date.