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Stewart Fraser was born in Oban (on the West Coast of Scotland) in 1959. After getting a degree in engineering, he worked offshore in the oil industry for about 30 years. Now he is retired to the tropical Island of Camiguin (the Visayas Group) and stays there with his wife Harlyn. He has delusions of being a serious linguist, being proud of…

1. Getting béu to the state it is now.

2. Discovering X-Blocks. Well “discovering” is the wrong word, they have always been lying around in plain sight (an X-Block is a construction having a question word, that exists in some languages and does a job roughly comparable to a relative clause).

3. Discovering “Mangalendring”—the process by which common auxiliary verbs, when in past tense form, take up an irrealis meaning and lose the past time meaning.

This is the full grammar and lexicon of Stewart Fraser’s conlang béu, along with some description of its associated conculture.

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