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Language Creation in the College Classroom: Conlang Descriptions from a “Constructed Languages” Course

Jeff Millar is an Assistant Professor in the Anthropology Department at the University of Cincinnati, where he teaches courses in linguistic anthropology. Since 2019, he has taught an undergraduate course in conlanging. While not (yet) a conlanger himself, his interest in conlangs arose from their pedagogical value for exploring the formal variation and potential of human language as well as the fundamental relation between language, culture, and the structure of societies.


This article contains the original conlanging final projects of students in the course ANTH3075 Constructed Languages, offered in the Spring 2021 semester at the University of Cincinnati. These conlang descriptions, many by first-time conlangers, provide sociocultural background information, grammatical descriptions, writing systems, and sample texts in original conlangs created by students over the course of the semester.

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