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Kala Grammar

Carl Buck is the creator of Kala, a personal constructed language. He works in the national security field and has worked in the US government most of his life. He enjoys cooking, spending time with his children, camping, and generally relaxing next to his fire pit in his yard. He has been a conlanger since long before he knew there was even a name for it. He created his first cypherlang around age 9 and has been creating and learning various types of languages from that time on. He lives in rural Pennsylvania.


This grammar is Carl’s attempt to create a fully fleshed-out and functional conlang. The author claims it has become bulky, unwieldy, and far too convoluted to continue. He has plans to start with the same basic concepts and refine the grammar so that, while functional, it is easy to follow yet creatively distinct. Kala was initially influenced by Nahuatl, Japanese, and various languages that Carl has studied over the decades. The grammatical goals were initially to clone Japanese grammar with Nahuatl sounding words. This proved overly simplistic and evolved to encompass grammatical features from languages such as Quechua, Swahili, Romance, and Semitic languages. There has been a concerted effort to provide copious examples so that the reader is able to fully comprehend the rule or aspect of Kala and therefore be able to use it as quickly as possible.

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