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Lë Failikvas

Marcas Brian MacStiofáin Ó Mhaitiú Ó Domhnaill is from Falkirk in Scotland. His first language is the Falkirk dialect of the Scots language and he learned English when he started school at 5. He is currently developing a group of related conlangs named the Sumric language family.


The poem “Lë Failikvas” is about a battle cry from the beloved King Sarut of the Géid kingdom for his soldiers before facing the invading Wasgar Empire. As rallied as his men were, they lost and Sarut would die in battle leaving his young inexperienced son Kevoş to rule. Kevoş’s advisers persuaded him to end the war and surrender for the sake of the region’s survival. The advisers, however, were bribed by the Ainxo Empire to influence Kevoş in surrendering.

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