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Silent Night: A Christmas Carol in Ayeri

Carsten Becker holds an M.A. in German literature and is currently completing a Ph.D. in German historical linguistics, his thesis dealing with gender resolution as an agreement phenomenon in Middle High German. Carsten found in his teens that creating a language allows him both to explore linguistics as a science for curiosity and to be creative with words in a fictional setting for pleasure at the same time. He has been working on Ayeri, a personal artistic language, on and off since 2003 and published an extensive grammar of it in 2018.


In this vignette the author presents an adaptation of the Christmas carol “Silent Night” into Ayeri. Moreover, he explains in detail the challenges he faced and the solutions he came up with in an attempt to balance faithfulness to the melody and content on the one hand and working with a language that differs substantially from the original in terms of word structure on the other.

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