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NailScript: Text as Tuff as Nails…Literally!

Mattthew M. DeBlock received a BA in Chinese from Beijing Language and Culture University as an adult student. Before university, he worked as a Unix software developer, and afterwards as a business consultant in mainland China. He is obsessed with devising codes, data formats, and constructed scripts. A a jack-of-all-trades and “Mad Scientist” at heart, he loves inventing commercially worthless devices to challenge standards and seek strange synergies.


Inspired by shoddy carpentry and cuneiform, NailScript is an attempt to devise the simplest most efficient way to write alphabetical text with a hammer and nails. Like cuneiform the nail heads allow directional distinction of lines. Unlike cuneiform, nails can also be laid down in layers upon each other with layer depth preserved and distinguishable. These aspects, along with the ability to fully set the nail leaving only the head visible as a “dot” provide some interesting possibilities.

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