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A glimpse over the Great Wall: A review of Mark Rosenfelder’s China Construction Kit

David Johnson was first inspired to create languages in his teens when, like so many, he came across the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. He received a Philosophy degree from the University of Warwick in 1981 and currently works as a librarian, cataloguing books in the Romance languages.

He is a member of several of conlang and conworld communities. Under the username of “Ketumak”, he is a member of the Zompist and Conlanger Bulletin Boards. Under his own name he is a member of the Language Creation Society and the Conlang Mailing List.

His conlang efforts have ranged from simple projects like Lesdekan to more advanced ones like Õtari. In recent years he has become interested in isolating languages. Both Õtari and his current project Lemohai reflect that interest.

Outside of conlanging he likes walking, reading, music, politics and live theatre.


This is a review of Mark Rosenfelder’s China Construction Kit.

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