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Lauren Kuffler is a computational geneticist and hobbyist conlanger. They are a Ph.D. candidate in Mammalian Genetics at Tufts Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, focusing on the 3D context of genetic-epigenetic interactions affecting gene expression. They have a lifelong interest in linguistics. The Taadži language is their first conlang to escape private notebooks. They have been working on the language and its associated worldbuilding for two years.

Tade Taadži is the representative conlang of an ongoing worldbuilding project, focusing on a culture that arises from dispossessed peoples transported to an isolated archipelago. This article will provide a brief historical context for the language, describe its grammar and demonstrate its logo-phonetic writing system with example sentences and an illuminated text. Notable features include an extensive system of ligatures in formal texts, and a five-gender personal pronoun system.

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