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Omyatloko Logosyllabary for Kala

Carl Buck is the creator of Kala, a personal constructed language. He works in the national security field and has worked in the US government most of his life. He enjoys cooking, spending time with his children, camping, and generally relaxing next to his fire pit in his yard. He has been a conlanger since long before he knew there was even a name for it. He created his first cypherlang around age 9 and has been creating and learning various types of languages from that time on. He lives in rural Pennsylvania.


This document is a full explication of the Omyatloko logosyllabary writing system used for Carl Buck’s conlang Kala. It comprises over 1,000 glyphs, many of them logographs, and represents one of the largest such systems ever devised for a conlang.

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